D114 Concussion Policy Implementation Plan


Action Steps

2017-2018 School Year

D114 Concussion Oversight Team worked to review new state requirements of Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act (SB 7).

  • Policy reviewed

  • Current practices reviewed

  • Consistent implementation plan discussed

January 2018

D114 Concussion Oversight Team worked to review plan elements below for legal compliance.


D114 website materials updated in alignment with review above, including parent forms.


Concussion Oversight Team comprised of:

  • Rachelle Peters, Administrator

  • Jessica Lanners, Building Nurse

  • Meghan Hower, Teacher


All coaches of extra-curriculars specified by IESA and all members of Concussion Oversight Team must complete required state training. Successful course completion requires that individuals:

  • Watch the IHSA/IESA Concussion presentation.

  • Complete the NFHS Concussion Course.  This is a free course provided by the NFHS.  The course is comprised of a video presentation and test.  Individuals will have to create an account and order the free course in order to complete this component.

  • Review all of the General Resource .pdf's listed on the Concussion Certification webpage.

  • Successfully pass the IESA Concussion Test.  Individuals must answer 24 of 30 questions correctly to pass the test.  The test may be taken as many times as necessary.


Rachelle Peters, administrator, will monitor compliance completion via the IESA link provided to district level staff oversight team members.


Jessica Lanners, nurse, implements

Student Concussion Monitoring Checklist


Concussion Oversight Team convenes annually/as needed to review district level processes in accordance with SB 7 requirements/Policy 7:305


Parents provided concussion sign off form for completion along with all other health forms required for participation in extra-curricular activities.


Jessica Lanners, nurse, continues to follow concussion protocols as well as oversee that an accident report is completed by staff as needed.


Rachelle Peters and Jessica Lanners to monitor all processes listed above including state compliance/legal requirements, changes, or new interpretations/guidance.

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