Emergency Weather Procedures

Fox Lake D114 Emergency Closure Procedures

Updated 2/1/22

Canceling school is a complicated decision that affects students, families, and school staff. Providing students with a safe place to learn is a top priority for Fox Lake Grade School District 114 and is the primary consideration in making a school closing decision. 

Making the Decision to Close, Shift to Remote, or Use a Late Start Day

When severe weather is expected on a school day, we examine many factors, including the following:

  • What are the predictions of several local weather forecasts?
  • What are the anticipated road conditions at the time students and staff will be traveling to school?
  • Will the actual temperature be -20° F or colder?
  • Will the wind chill temperature (“feels like”) be -35° F or colder? (Wind Chill Warning)
  • Are our building systems functioning properly? (e.g., power/heat/water)
  • Are our buses operating and do we have drivers?
  • Can our families and staff travel safely to school by car?
  • Will students be safe walking or waiting at bus stops in appropriate winter clothing?
  • What are the decisions of our neighboring districts? 

We determine whether to use a late start, shift to remote, or close school no later than 5:30 AM. If we have enough information to make a decision the evening before, we will always try to do so. 

If it becomes necessary to delay our start, shift to remote, or cancel school, we will notify parents and staff using the contact information in Skyward (e.g., home and cell phone numbers, and email addresses). If any of your information has changed, please login to Skyward and change or contact your school office.

We notify families of a change via:

  • Email and automated phone calls
  • The District 114  website at www.d114.org
  • The District 114 Facebook and Twitter feeds


Should we use a late start schedule, the following is key information:

Late Start Schedule:

The schedule below applies to all days of the week. If a late start is called on a Wednesday, we will NOT do an Early Release and will follow the schedule below: 



No Morning PreK

10:15AM-2:20 PM--All day PreK

11:15AM-2:20 PM--Afternoon PreK



10AM-3:05PM—All students 


Please see below for bus pick up times:

The superintendent makes the final decision regarding school closure. Although we strive each and every time to make the best decision regarding school closure, oftentimes no perfect decision exists. 

As a parent, you have the best perspective to determine the right course of action for your child. On severe weather days, you may decide to transport your child to school or determine that you want to keep your child at home. If you disagree with a decision to hold school on a day when you believe the weather is hazardous, you can certainly keep your child home. Please contact your child’s school absence line to report the absence as an excused absence.

We truly appreciate your partnership, patience, and understanding throughout these cold winter months. We don’t take these decisions lightly—the safety of our students and staff is our top priority.



Heather Friziellie


Fox Lake Grade School District 114